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Interior useExterior useWater basedApply with a paintbrushApply with a roller

STONETEC – Decorative urethane stone-finish coating

Stonetec, our prepared mixture of coloured aggregates, enables you to achieve professional results without having to deal with the professionals. Applying a coat of the Stonetec aggregate suspension is as easy as can be. You just need to apply and let dry!


  • Stairs
  • Balconies, patios, and decks
  • Residential sidewalks
  • Pool decks

Fast and easy to apply with either a brush or roller, Stonetec improves the appearance of your exterior surfaces and protects them from poor weather that accelerates the deterioration of concrete. As well, its anti-slip finish provides better grip in slippery conditions. Stonetec looks like decorative concrete but is as simple to apply as patio paint.


  • Clean the surface
  • Mix well before using
  • Apply Stonetec
  • Let dry

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you will be assured of the best possible results. To apply Stonetec, use the Stonetec honeycomb roller or a brush for similar use so that the roller or brush can grip the aggregates. A standard paint roller will not give the desired three-dimensional texture.


  • Has no solvents or odours
  • Provides anti-slip finish
  • Has excellent adherence to concrete
  • Offers one-step application
  • Ensures high shock resistance
  • Water-based

A second coat will improve the texture and colour as well as the long-term durability.

Stonetec comes in three colours: Golden Sand, River Rock, and Natural Granite.

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For more information, please see the Stonetec technical information and the description or contact us.