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NIVABOND – Concrete adhesive

Nivabond is a ready to use emulsion concrete adhesive. It is ideal for bonding a new cementitious mixture such as concrete, sand mix, parging mix, to old concrete surfaces.


  • Promotes adhesion to concrete substrate surfaces
  • Improves bonding of fresh concrete to old concrete
  • Reduces cracking
  • Water-based product

A top quality product, Nivabond, our concrete adhesive penetrates substances and bonds them together in a homogenous mix. It improves the performance of mortar by increasing its resistance while limiting the risk of cracking. When you use our concrete adhesive, you ensure a perfect bond between materials.


  • Shake well before use
  • Choose a brush, paintbrush, or roller
  • Apply a thick layer to the surface
  • Wait two to three minutes
  • Apply your mixture

Nivabond concrete adhesive simplifies all of your projects. Remarkably versatile, our adhesive can be applied directly to the substrate without adding water. Nivabond adheres to concrete floors, walls, sidewalks, concrete pipes, concrete steps and blocks. It is ideal for your balcony and deck renovation projects.


  • Offers exceptional bond strengh
  • Can be applied to any concrete surface
  • For interior and exterior use

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you will be assured of the best possible results. To apply Nivabond on smooth surfaces, use a short nap roller, or a paintbrush. For rougher surfaces, use a medium nap roller, or a brush.

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For more information, please see the Nivabond technical information and the description or contact us.