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FORTAGROUT – Non-shrink grout

Fortagrout is a highly resistant, fiber-reinforced, flowable cemetitious grout, which contains an expanding agent to ensure equal distribution inside of formwork elements. The addition of fibers to the grout mixture increases its resistance to impacts and stress.


  • Contains a fiber additive for superior resistance
  • Can be used for interior and exterior applications
  • Only requires water

Very expandable, Fortagrout, our non-shrink grout, solidly anchors heavy machinery, steel column bases and anchoring bolts. More generally, Fortagrout is applied to base plates of structural elements made of steel. We recommend the use of Fortagrout to solidly fix footings to their bases.


  • Thoroughly clean surface before applying
  • Pour water into a clean container
  • Gradually add the Fortagrout
  • Mix for three minutes until smooth
  • Apply the mixture as required

Using less water will result in a thicker mixture, which must be firmly applied with a metal or wood tool or a trowel. A thinner mixture can be pumped into place using a low-pressure pumping system or it can be poured directly.


  • Offers remarkable expansion
  • Has superior resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
  • Fluid mixture can reach cramped areas
  • Distributes equally within formwork elements

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you will be assured of the best possible results. Use a drill with a paint mixer drill bit to mix the Fortagrout. The drill must be powerful enough, and the diameter of the drill bit sufficient, to mix 20.4 kg of material.

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For more information, please see the Fortagrout technical information and the description or contact us.